Advanced tools for Cataracts

Advanced tools for Cataracts

ORA System (Optiwave Refractive Analysis)

A Center for VisionCare is pleased to offer a new cataract surgery measurement tool which helps customize your vision even further during cataract surgery.

The ORA intraoperative aberrometry system provides real-time analysis of your eye during surgery. Before ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis), prior to cataract surgery, other measurements are taken to ensure proper IOL or intraocular lens power selection but there was always a margin of error when making the proper selection. With this new technology, verification of the proper IOL happens during your surgery!

A Center for VisionCare now utilizes ORA with all premium lens procedures to ensure proper IOL selection – technology that truly customizes your unique vision.

With the use of ORA during your cataract surgery, you can ensure your procedure will be optimized and the analysis will provide our surgeons with guided information that will confirm the proper correction for optimal visual outcomes.

For patients with astigmatism, those who have had prior LASIK or PRK, or those who are having a multifocal lens implanted, ORA can improve the accuracy to help reduce the need of glasses after your procedure.

Laser Cataract Surgery – VICTUS
Suffering from cataracts is a natural part of aging. As we grow older, the natural lens of our eyes often stiffens, and without its youthful suppleness, the lens loses its ability to focus, creating vision problems. But there’s good news: cataract surgery is one of the most simple and common procedures, in which the natural lens of your eye is replaced with an artificial lens.

Just as you can choose between different types of lenses depending on your daily activities, you can now choose how your cataract procedure is performed. We are proud to offer the VICTUS®assisted cataract surgery. This femtosecond technology can increase the precision of certain steps in cataract surgery compared to manual surgery. It also offers laser precision and is designed with your comfort in mind.